Private tourism:
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The main profile of our company's work is corporate tourism and business trips. However, working in this area, we have gathered an impressive database of information and worked out reliable business connections with hotels, airlines, transfer services and other companies involved in tourism. Therefore, we can offer a profitable and high-quality service for private tourism.
What kind of travel does MTA Travel offer?
No restrictions on geography and travel program. You can choose any country, and we will choose the best route and provide a comfortable rest. A beach tour on a romantic island? Bus travel all over Europe? A trip from Prague to Berlin by rail? Any option - there is a solution!
Wide choice of accommodation options. We are ready to provide accommodation in hotel rooms, villas, inexpensive hostels and many other facilities. Therefore, you can decide for yourself how you will be on vacation.
Integrated organization. Our company incurs a transfer (including transportation from the airport or railway station), hotel, excursion program and other tasks. Therefore, you can enjoy rest without thinking about the organization.
The level of comfort and service to your taste and budget. We organize both economy tours and premium travel.
Safety and impeccable organization. With us you can rest assured that everything will go smoothly, and at each stage you will get the maximum quality service.
You can simply indicate the size of the group, the requirements for comfort, the dates of arrival and departure, as well as other requirements, and get options from us.
In this case, all options are consistent with the client, and you choose the one that suits you the most.

Individual tours organized by an experienced operator
Many travelers are victims of poor quality travel agency services. Companies that focus on individuals often sin with a poor organization, inadequate communication with all participants in the process, constant difficulties and difficulties, delays. As a result, the experience of the traveler is hopelessly spoiled.
We are used to working for demanding corporate clients who value their time and quality of service. Therefore, all business processes are perfectly adjusted, communication with all servicing companies is impeccable, and prices are the most attractive. Therefore, entrusting us the organization of your holiday, you will get a much higher quality than ordinary travel companies can offer, even large and eminent.
Call right now to clarify the information on the directions of interest to you and get advice.
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