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We offer services in the selection and booking of air tickets of any destination. Having access to the leading international operators and a huge base of charter flights, we are ready to organize the air transportation of organized groups of any number, taking into account the wishes for the level of comfort and the range of dates.
We select the best air tickets
Did you know that the price for the air ticket is formed by the carriers on the basis of numerous factors (a total of about 20). It takes into account the remaining time before the flight, the level of demand for it and even the technical parameters of the user's computer (its IP address, the number of calls to the airline's website, the number of requests, etc.).
Our ticket specialists are well aware of all the subtleties of airlines, and provide:
Selection of tickets at the lowest prices among the currently available offers.
Choosing the most profitable charters for non-standard and exotic destinations for which flights are unavailable.
Minimization of the flight time due to the choice of flights with a minimum number of transfers and the minimum waiting time of the flight-connectors.
Booking tickets with the necessary services, including extra luggage, etc.
Carrying out an online check-in procedure for flights and facilitating the successful landing of organized groups for the flight, including an airport shuttle.
Here you can book tickets from the largest international airlines, profitable loukosterov, as well as charter and private carriers, including the possibility of renting small private jets. Since we are oriented to B2B, we are ready to provide air travel for groups of any number.
Take care of the flight in advance!
In conclusion, we would like to remind you that airlines are beginning to sell tickets for flights very much in advance (in some cases 9 months before departure), and as the departure is approaching, the price gradually increases. Therefore, we recommend that you contact the organization of a group flight in advance, no later than 2-3 months before the proposed journey. However, having extensive experience with air tickets, we are ready to do everything necessary to select the best tickets, even if the decision was made at the last minute. Moreover, sometimes you can find "burning" tickets at very attractive prices, and our specialists know how to notice and book them on time.

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